28 September 2011

X-factor Bonanza!

So we got to watch 2 very exciting episodes of X-factor this weekend where we found out which category each of the judges would be mentoring.
Ndubz star Tulisa managed to get the groups which she was more than happy about. Kelly Rowland got the girls who are under 25, Louis Walsh got the over 25's and Gary Barlow is in charge of the boys.

All the judges seemed really quite happy about the results and even Louis didn't seem too dis-heartened about getting the over 25's, who are not usually the judges first choice.
There seems to be copious amounts of talent this year and we are more than excited to see more.
We are all loving the judges and they seem to be getting on quite well with eachother also.

There has of course been the odd character who stands out due to a bold personality, for example, Kitty.
She seemingly rubs a lot of people up the wrong way and the twitter timeline was jammed with bitchy comments about her over the weekend. Then again, at least everyone is speaking about her one could say.

There is plenty of heart-throbs for us lassy's because well, come on, we all need some eye candy.
Frankie Cocozza is certainly one to watch with 7 girls named tattooed on his bum!

There is definitely going to be lots of dirt to dish so keep watching kids!

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