10 October 2011

It's a TOWIE sensation :)

Our favorite show TOWIE is juicer than ever at the moment. It seems that the cast's blood is boiling and of course it is playboy Mark Wright in the centre of most of it.

Sunday night's show produced sparks between Mark, Lydia, Argy, Lucy and Mario.
Mark seems to be feeling sorry for himself and so Argy, who lets him down to go on a double date with his girlfriend Lydia, and friends Lucy and Mario, leaves the date to meet his partner in crime. The two meet in a nightclub and within minutes, Mark has called 2 girls over for free bubbly.

Much to Lydia's disapointment, she walks in on the scene with happy couple Lucy and Mario. She throw's a strop when she see's Argy pouring a page 3 girl a drink and the fireworks begin. The conversation turns nasty when Mario and Mark begin bickering over all the Lucy and Mark sex rumour's. Mario then tell's Mark to sort out his receeding hair-line which Mark looks a little more than upset about.

Although Mario win's the bitching battle, he is clearly in disbelief that Lucy didn't cheat on him as he tells her they need to take a break. He leaves a teary eyed Lucy and concerned Lydia together towards the end.

The juice is getting better and better. Tune in next week for some more reality TV at it's best!

Game time: See how many TOWIE phrases you can get in to one text or email to a mate or co-worker for the laugh.

5 October 2011

'Lets exercise; No, Lets Zumba!'

Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance fitness program created by choreographer Alberto "Beto" Perez in Colombia during the 1990s.
Zumba combines dance and aerobics and incorporates hip-hop, salsa, samba, merengue, mambo, Bollywood, Martial arts and some belly dance moves. Lunges and squats are included.

Zumba exercises include music with fast and slow rhythms and resistance training for fitness and losing weight. The music is uplifting and full of colour with a mixture of salsa, Cumbria and hip hop beats.
This form of fitness is highly entertaining and fun. A Zumba class is always full of energy and it is becoming more and more popular in the UK

A typical class burns between 500-1000 calories which is fantastic. Zumba is also known as the undercover exercise due to the levels of fun both the young and elderly gain from it.

Zumba is a class for anybody and classes in your area will most likely range from beginner to advanced so that you can best feel comfortable or challenged to your needs.

Grab a friend, or ten and get to your nearest class for a wicked workout which will leave you a little sweaty and super sexy!

28 September 2011

X-factor Bonanza!

So we got to watch 2 very exciting episodes of X-factor this weekend where we found out which category each of the judges would be mentoring.
Ndubz star Tulisa managed to get the groups which she was more than happy about. Kelly Rowland got the girls who are under 25, Louis Walsh got the over 25's and Gary Barlow is in charge of the boys.

All the judges seemed really quite happy about the results and even Louis didn't seem too dis-heartened about getting the over 25's, who are not usually the judges first choice.
There seems to be copious amounts of talent this year and we are more than excited to see more.
We are all loving the judges and they seem to be getting on quite well with eachother also.

There has of course been the odd character who stands out due to a bold personality, for example, Kitty.
She seemingly rubs a lot of people up the wrong way and the twitter timeline was jammed with bitchy comments about her over the weekend. Then again, at least everyone is speaking about her one could say.

There is plenty of heart-throbs for us lassy's because well, come on, we all need some eye candy.
Frankie Cocozza is certainly one to watch with 7 girls named tattooed on his bum!

There is definitely going to be lots of dirt to dish so keep watching kids!

19 September 2011

Ultimate health food tips and tricks. Be fabulous yet satisfied!

Food CAN be, a girls bestfriend.
Here I will post some tips and tricks to stay full and satisfied while losing weight on all the right foods.

My personal Tips&Tricks:

1. Never skip breakfast. Results show that slimmer women eat a substantial breakfast every morning as It gets your metabloism working from the start of the day.

2. Eat plenty of berries. These will actually help you lose those extra pounds and have your skin and hair looking super healthy. Blueberries and cranberries are probably the best of the berry family as they are fantastic anti-oxidants and prevent many an illness such as kidney infections.

3. Brown rice and pasta really make the difference. Try it! Most people don't realise the major difference and you won't feel bloated afterwards.

4. Stay away from any slimming products with unnatural ingredients. These diet fads never last and eventually, any weight lost, will come sneaking back.

5. Eat a mixture of food type's to sustain a balanced diet. Carbs should not be cut as they make up a healthy diet and we need them for energy levels.

Fantastic tasty breakfast option:

2 large dollop's of natural or greek yoghurt. Add granola or muesli, then add fresh fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, dried or fresh cranberries and even walnuts.
This will keep you full up until lunch and is extremely low in fat.

Delicious low-fat dinner option:

Grill a lean unbreaded chicken breast. When half cooked, slice open chicken and spread inside with light philadelphia (herb and chive) and then replace in grill.
Serve with fresh spinach leaves and some mediterrranean cous cous.
Can also be served with sweet potato garnished in sweet chilli and a portion of grilled asparagus.
Fabulously low fat and very yummy!

Sweet nourishing dessert delight:

Why not have a gorgeous fondu? These are perfect for sharing, and a great way for getting your 5 a day in.
Melt one small bar of chocolate  and slice up an array of different fruits such as pineapple,strawberry, pear, apple and banana.
Then dip away!

Slimming snack: Celery and houmous, Nuts and dried fruit, stuffed olives, rice crackers with avacado and smoked salmon.

Fact: The more colourful your meal, the better. Natural foods are vibrant in colour.

12 September 2011

Pilates- The feel good factor.


It seems that 'Pilates' is the way forward ladies!
Pilates was developed by a man named 'Joesph Pilates'. Pilates places emphasis on the balanced developments of the body through core strength, flexability and awareness to allow you to be more graceful and supple in movement.

This form of exercise is relaxing and peaceful resembling yoga slightly.
The centre of our gravity comes from our core and Pilates focus' on that greatly.

Athletes and dancers love Pilates but the joy of it is that anyone can do it.
Its a great method of exercise for women rebounding from pregnancy and even for the elderly person.
Anybody can have a go and we recommend you give it a try!

5 September 2011

Man, she's crazzzy!

Lady Gaga has done it again!
This lady will never fail to make our jaw's drop to the ground while she's pulling stunts like this.
The 25 year old turned up to the VMA awards dressed as a male.

She pretends to be a man called Joe for fun but is this alter ego too much?
Onlookers were shocked once again at her care-free nature but thats simply our Gaga!
We love her no matter what.

The Crazier the better.
What are your thoughts?

24 June 2011


Ditch the work-out and join the party!!

Zumba madness, everyone is going mental over this fantastic form of fitness ...show us what you've got! Send us your pics....