19 September 2011

Ultimate health food tips and tricks. Be fabulous yet satisfied!

Food CAN be, a girls bestfriend.
Here I will post some tips and tricks to stay full and satisfied while losing weight on all the right foods.

My personal Tips&Tricks:

1. Never skip breakfast. Results show that slimmer women eat a substantial breakfast every morning as It gets your metabloism working from the start of the day.

2. Eat plenty of berries. These will actually help you lose those extra pounds and have your skin and hair looking super healthy. Blueberries and cranberries are probably the best of the berry family as they are fantastic anti-oxidants and prevent many an illness such as kidney infections.

3. Brown rice and pasta really make the difference. Try it! Most people don't realise the major difference and you won't feel bloated afterwards.

4. Stay away from any slimming products with unnatural ingredients. These diet fads never last and eventually, any weight lost, will come sneaking back.

5. Eat a mixture of food type's to sustain a balanced diet. Carbs should not be cut as they make up a healthy diet and we need them for energy levels.

Fantastic tasty breakfast option:

2 large dollop's of natural or greek yoghurt. Add granola or muesli, then add fresh fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, dried or fresh cranberries and even walnuts.
This will keep you full up until lunch and is extremely low in fat.

Delicious low-fat dinner option:

Grill a lean unbreaded chicken breast. When half cooked, slice open chicken and spread inside with light philadelphia (herb and chive) and then replace in grill.
Serve with fresh spinach leaves and some mediterrranean cous cous.
Can also be served with sweet potato garnished in sweet chilli and a portion of grilled asparagus.
Fabulously low fat and very yummy!

Sweet nourishing dessert delight:

Why not have a gorgeous fondu? These are perfect for sharing, and a great way for getting your 5 a day in.
Melt one small bar of chocolate  and slice up an array of different fruits such as pineapple,strawberry, pear, apple and banana.
Then dip away!

Slimming snack: Celery and houmous, Nuts and dried fruit, stuffed olives, rice crackers with avacado and smoked salmon.

Fact: The more colourful your meal, the better. Natural foods are vibrant in colour.

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