10 October 2011

It's a TOWIE sensation :)

Our favorite show TOWIE is juicer than ever at the moment. It seems that the cast's blood is boiling and of course it is playboy Mark Wright in the centre of most of it.

Sunday night's show produced sparks between Mark, Lydia, Argy, Lucy and Mario.
Mark seems to be feeling sorry for himself and so Argy, who lets him down to go on a double date with his girlfriend Lydia, and friends Lucy and Mario, leaves the date to meet his partner in crime. The two meet in a nightclub and within minutes, Mark has called 2 girls over for free bubbly.

Much to Lydia's disapointment, she walks in on the scene with happy couple Lucy and Mario. She throw's a strop when she see's Argy pouring a page 3 girl a drink and the fireworks begin. The conversation turns nasty when Mario and Mark begin bickering over all the Lucy and Mark sex rumour's. Mario then tell's Mark to sort out his receeding hair-line which Mark looks a little more than upset about.

Although Mario win's the bitching battle, he is clearly in disbelief that Lucy didn't cheat on him as he tells her they need to take a break. He leaves a teary eyed Lucy and concerned Lydia together towards the end.

The juice is getting better and better. Tune in next week for some more reality TV at it's best!

Game time: See how many TOWIE phrases you can get in to one text or email to a mate or co-worker for the laugh.

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